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Practical steps for creating safer software (Code included)

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The world runs on software: we all know that but so do the bad guys.

Now, more than ever before, understanding your role in designing, building, and deploying safer software is critical. In this session, Steve will take you through the basics.

Learn the three principles of software design specifically aimed at creating more secure and robust solutions. From code to deployment to production there are steps you can take to keep the cyber-attacks at arm's length and reduce the impact when something bad happens.

It's not all the problem of the developer but we have a crucial part to play in tackling cybercrime. That needs us to understand how our actions help or hinder both the bad guys and the others involved in the software lifecycle. This session will show you a little of how attacks happen, what's out there to help with the defenses, and how your coding and design approach can make things worse or, hopefully, so much better.

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