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GraphQL and REST: The nuances

Day 1


GraphQL or REST? You may often find this question in the community. If you go to Google, you will find plenty of pages where people discuss this.

Why did the speakers decide to talk about this?

They do not want to oppose two technologies. Each of them was created in its own context, each one has its specific tasks.

Are GraphQL and REST really different?

We will discuss their features, cases when one technology may be replaced with the other, and if it's really always possible.

Maybe both technologies and their ecosystem are pretty developed, and they may be used equally?

Designing services using design-first approach: are these technologies okay for this approach, or shall we use SOAP instead?

Customizing the requests: if flexible API is really needed, are the costs for supporting flexible services really worth it?

Distributing the requests to different systems using API Gateway: do we need unified user endpoint for working with data?

Let's discuss it, ask your questions! Bank experts have experience of using both GraphQL and REST and will share their knowledge.

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